How to Restore Apple Watch from Backup

Apple allows its users to backup their device’s data before changing or selling their iPhone, iPad Mac or even Apple Watch. But even after getting this amazing feature, often a lot of people mistakenly start their device as a new device. So if you’ve also already set up your Apple Watch as a new device accidentally, worry not because you can still restore your Apple Watch from backup. Restoring Apple Watch from backup is pretty simple and every Apple Watch user should be aware of it.

Great thing about Apple Watch data is that it’s never big in size because most of the things in Apple Watch work on the basis of paired devices like iPad and iPhone. Users also don’t need to take Apple Watch backup manually because it has the feature of automatically storing data in iCloud while paired with an iPad or iPhone. If any user creates a backup of their iPad or iPhone using iTunes or iCloud, the Apple Watch data also get included in it.

After the new iOS and WatchOS, some users have gotten a little bit confused and are facing some trouble accessing their previous Apple Watch data. So if you’re having the same problem and looking for the right procedure to restore Apple Watch from backup, here’s what you have to do.

How to Restore Apple Watch from Backup

Once the Apple Watch is successfully set up as a new device, users can’t manually restore the previous backup in the Apple Watch. So eventually, users will have to unpair their Apple Watch first and then they’ll have to set it up again by following these steps:

Open Apple Watch application on paired iPhone.

  • Click on My Watch option.
  • Press on the All Watches option on the upper-left side of the display.
  • Now tap on icon of the Apple Watch that you want to unpair.
  • Press on the Unpair Apple Watch option.
  • Now users will be asked to type their Apple ID and Password to confirm the Unpair command and move into the process.
  • Wait for a few minutes because the unpair process can take some time.
  • Now on the Apple Watch app, Start Pairing option will appear.
  • Press on Start Pairing to pair the unpaired Apple Watch.
  • While setting up the Apple Watch, make sure to choose the previous backup, and then press Continue.

After following these steps, the Apple Watch will take some time to start because it will sync previous data.

This is the only and the easiest way to restore Apple Watch from backup. However, if anyone wants to restore another data, they’ll have to unpair their Apple Watch from iPhone or iPad again and follow the above-mentioned steps.

Most of the Apple Watch users don’t know about a special thing about this device that after unpairing it from an iPhone or iPad, it automatically creates a backup. However, the Apple Watch does not take a backup of credit/debit card details, passcode, Bluetooth pairings, and messages.


Now that complete procedure of restoring Apple Watch from backup is written above, hopefully, users will be able to access their previous Apple Watch data without any major issue. 

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